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At The Artist Lab, the health and safety of our students & staff is our top priority.

For the well-being of all our families, our staff have been trained on cleaning and disinfectant techniques, including use of personal protective equipment (PPE), protocols for all surfaces and tracking cleaning schedules. Recommended social distancing guidelines are being adhered to throughout the studio and the presence of hand sanitizer stations have been increased.  

The Artist Lab takes great care to ensure the safety and well being of our Art Family, adhering to guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and the US Environmental Protection Agency

How is The Artist Lab reducing the risk of contracting coronavirus at the studio?

  • Prompting staff & students to wear mask and wash hands often & thoroughly

  • Disinfecting surfaces regularly, such as tables & chairs

  • Limiting capacity and positions chairs for social distancing, and MORE!

Contactless temperature checks will be given to staff & students upon entry.

  • Anyone with symptoms, including coughing and fever, are asked to stay home.

  • Visitors and parents are asked to wait outside the studio to limit contact with others.

All staff and students will wear masks inside the studio.

  • Masks can help prevent the spread of the disease, and act as as a physical barrier to protect our families from viral and bacterial particulates.

  • Staff & students must either provide their own, or will be given one upon entry, and must cover their mouth and nose at all times.

Our Studio will be cleaned & disinfected daily.

  • All art materials used will be wiped down and sanitized by our staff after each shift.

  • Our Studio is cleaned and disinfected daily and throughout each shift.

  • High touch surfaces have been cleaned and disinfected between use, including tables and chairs. 

Our Studio has hand-sanitizer, and reminds all to wash hands often. 

  • Staff will provide hand sanitizer at check-in, and have students thoroughly wash hands after break-time and end of each class visit

  • Hand washing reminders are available by the sink and restroom facilities. 

Our Studio practices social distancing between staff & students.

  • Our reduced has reduced capacity to allow appropriate social distancing, including positioning of tables & chairs, and limiting staff & students who can enter.

  • No visitors or parents are allowed inside the studio space; access to public restrooms will be available from outside. 

  • Social distancing procedures are implemented throughout the studio, including appropriate signage for outside queuing area.

  • Our studio has reduced capacity to allow for appropriate social distancing.

    • Chair positions will be limited at each table to allow for appropriate social distancing.

      • 4-6 students per 10 x 4’ table

      • 4-6 students in each small room, with dividers to limit 

    • Students & visitors will not be able to congregate with others, even during breaktime.

      • No snacks are permitted inside. 

      • Students are recommended to bring their own water, as public drinking fountains will be closed. 

Please reach out to for any & all questions!
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